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  • 08/27/2020 3:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    An Update From NBAA Regarding Hurricane Laura & HERO Network Activation:

    NBAA continues to follow the track the path of Hurricane Laura, which is lashing Louisiana and Texas with storm surges, extreme winds and flash flooding. Clearly, this will be a moment for the business aviation community to provide relief to communities and citizens in the storm’s aftermath, as we’ve done so many times before. 

    As with previous natural disasters, NBAA isproviding updates about this storm from the National Hurricane Center, airport and routing information, operational information and more on our Hurricane Laura resource page

    We’re also standing up NBAA’s Humanitarian Emergency Response Operator (HERO)database, listing people and assets available as part of disaster-response mobilization efforts. As NBAA recently noted, the database provides our partnering relief organizations with one-stop access to business aircraft owners and pilots willing to volunteer their aircraft and time to assist in response efforts.

    I would strongly encourage members to consider registering your aircraft, or your personal volunteerism on our website. Registering does not commit you to provide aid, so you always have the ability to pass on a mission request. Please visit the Hero Database on NBAA’s website to complete your registration information.

    Please continue to reach out to us for questions about relief efforts. Thanks again for your many expressions and offers of help.

    -Steve Hadley, NBAA 

  • 08/27/2020 3:14 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Last call for scholarship Women In Corporate Aviation Scholarship Applications!

    Deadline to apply is September 15, 2020


  • 08/27/2020 3:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Universal Avionics is coming to town with their MDU-Mobile Demo Unit to offer private, safe, 30 minute domo’s for our InSight and SkyLens upgrades for Falcon 900B’s, and YOU ARE INVITED!

  • 08/13/2020 10:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    2020 Elections Coming Soon!

    NTBAA's bylaws state that each year, one half of the board is to be elected/re-elected and any vacant positions are to be voted in.  

    By voting for your NTBAA Board of Directors, you allow us to continue to work on your behalf to provide educational and networking opportunities and grass roots efforts in the North Texas Business Aviation Community.

    This year the positions on the ballot are:

    1 Co-Chair Seat

    Secretary (vacancy)

    Treasurer (vacancy)

    Programs & Events 


    Scholarship (vacancy)

    If you are interested in volunteering your time in one of these positions, please contact us no later than 8/31/20!

  • 07/27/2020 12:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Unfortunately, we have to cancel our upcoming August 11th luncheon due to COVID-19.  

    We would still love to get together and see everyone, so we are hosting a Virtual Happy Hour at 6pm on Thursday, August 13th instead.  You can RSVP here!

  • 07/24/2020 12:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Mark your calendars on August 19th for our first virtual webcast in our Safety Showdown Speaker Series featuring Scott Griffith, Founder and Managing Partner of SG Collaborative Solutions, LLC! Scott is widely recognized as the father of the airline industry's landmark Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) and has since taken his passion for Just Culture from his airline career and implemented improvement integrations in healthcare, railroads, energy companies, emergency medical services and fire and law enforcement agencies, leading many state-and nation-wide collaborative Just Culture projects. You can check out Scott's full bio here, but trust me--you don't want to miss this!

    Keep an eye out for an email to get registered for this event soon!
  • 07/24/2020 12:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I am very honored to have received the NTBAA Career Advancement Scholarship. I applied for this scholarship to cover the NBAA 6 Months to CAM program that began on July 1st. This upcoming September will mark 20 years since I accidentally ended up in aviation when I took a part-time job in the aviation library for the Part 147 program at Tarrant County College. I never would have imagined the career trajectory that decision would put me on. Fast forward to now and I see the CAM credential as an important piece in my education and career progression. The CAM has been a goal of mine for a couple of years, and now with a structured approach to preparing for the exam along with the opportunity to network with aviation professionals across the globe, I am confident in the process and the outcome. This could not have been accomplished without this scholarship and I am very grateful to be a recipient.


    Congratulations, Lee!

  • 07/15/2020 12:17 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    To Our Members:

    First, let us say thank you for being patient with us as we navigate the uncharted waters of hosting live events during COVID-19.  We have greatly missed seeing everyone in person, and have been working diligently over the last few months to figure out a way to continue to support this community as best we can given the circumstances. 

    You have probably already heard that NBAA made the difficult decision to cancel their BACE convention this month.  While certainly not nearly as big of an event, we too have found it difficult to secure event space and vendors for our Safety Showdown during such a fluid situation in our community.  With that in mind, we have decided to pivot and focus our efforts on providing the same great safety-related content to our membership in a virtual setting.  We are still working out the details of what that will look like, but we still intend to continue our efforts of sharing information and best practices in our community as best we can.  We are currently working on what we have coined as the 2020 Safety Showdown Speaker Series which will allow members to access the same great presentations they are used to at our event in a virtual setting on a regular interval instead of sitting in front of a computer for two days straight like we typically do in person.  We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

    We understand that the in-person networking aspect of our organization is a great opportunity to network and create relationships, and we hope the  remaining luncheons we have on the calendar at Cowboys Golf Club will proceed as planned.  We will also be planning more in-person meet and greets as soon as we can reasonably assure we will not lose our deposit money due to cancellations during these uncertain times.  If you have other ideas of ways we can best support you as a member, please let us know—we are all ears!

    Again, thank you for being patient with us as we navigate through this time.  As always, we are here to help this community in any way we can, so we hope you will reach out to us if there is any way we can assist you during this time.


    All the best, 


    Your NTBAA Executive Board

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